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      Rasky Sadagr Reviews


Following on from Charmaine’s grand entrance ‘BOLD’, the future star has dropped sophomore single ‘WOO!’ with a toasty music video. Making the most of a minimalist set-up, that may or may not have something to do with covid restrictions, Charmaine gives us all the energy of a late nigh car ride with your best gals while blasting the stereo. Of course it is not just about the video, but man let me say this: I really enjoyed the over the aesthetics of that one!  It gave me that perfect feel-good mix of the early 2000s MTV music videos, that were pure glamor explosion. 

Commanding our attention from the very first trap-rap bar, Charmaine states, “yeah, he know he just a number and he good with that, play along, cause he know I got a super WAP”. Throughout ‘WOO!’, the beats are strong and steady, while Charmaine keeps delivering fire lyrics. Her confidence is unparalleled and I love that she’s flipping heteronormaitve conventions and the male gaze on its head.  This woman is in charge and we are blown away by the sheer beauty of someone who owns her narrative. The sassy lyrics, teasing wordplay that underneath all that playfulness include serious themes of feminism, gender equality, body positivity and sex positivity places Charmaine firmly in the same ball park as the grande dame Missy Elliott, but also Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. She might not be a household name just yet, but her ambitions are set on being so, and what’s more important: her talent does too. 
There aint nothing holding this artist back aside from time.

discovered via Musosoup


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