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      Rasky Sadagr Reviews

              Eddie Cohn

Today I want to introduce you to VS, a new song by the artist EDDIE COHN.
Cohn himself, who names NIN, Pearl Jam, Recondite and Peter Gabriel -amongst
others- as his main musical influences, became increasingly curious about more
techno and club based tracks while working as an DJ in the L.A. night clubs.
The final input that bore his latest music, came during the pandemic and COVID-19,
where he felt the fundamental urge to create music that makes people question the
narrative presented by the media and think for themselves more. “It feels like the
media wants us to be against one another.” Cohn says. “I am hoping this song and
my other record can bring people together.”
When I first listend to Eddie Cohn’s “VS” I felt thrown back in time where with the
Electronic music of the 90s, the dawning of a new era came to life, without even
having that background information about the artist’s creative process.
Music as such already is an universal and powerful language, one where culture,
nationality, traditions and age should have no weight or at its best - is a language that
operates intuitively.

This quality once again came to expression in the early 90s where music once more
was the connective transcultural glue that united us all. And THAT is that exact vibe I
felt while listening to Eddie Cohn ́s “VS”.
And don’t get me wrong: when I say that it makes me reminisce in the celebration of
the 90s Electro music, I mean that I feel the same sense of belonging and inclusion
typical for that genre.

“VS” is one beautiful, atmospheric well rounded experimentation on Acid House music.In this tradition it still does not fail to translate to todays Electronica, which makes it so very appealing.

I also see it as a hopeful musical statement.

Stay tuned, stay safe and check out the artist.

All the informations you will, as always find below.

discovered via Musosoup


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