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      Fitzsimon and Brogan

It took one year for Neil Fitzsimon, the songwriter, and Bee Brogan, the vocalist, of the band Fitzsimon & Brogan to achieve their third album "The Girl Who Shouted Love at the Heart of the World" that was released in May 31, 2019.
To be honest I have not heard of this band before, which I should point out, is purely my fault! The duo already released two critically acclaimed albums, had a song placed in a USA Sci Fi Feature film and recently had a track reach #3 in a French national download chart. Not to mention that they have been working with artists and musicians like members of The Art of Noise and Eric Clapton’s bass player Dave Bronze (to mention just two of the many names) in the past, which itself is beyond cool.

What I discovered was an interesting pop-folk-rock mix with a strong 50's touch that brings out sweet nostalgia-feelings and reminds one of the old school British Pop music. Which is rather fitting since Fitzsimon and Brogan’s aim is to produce “Pure Pop for Now People”, as they state in their interviews before. So let’s listen into it a little closer, shall we?

“This Girl” is carried by acoustic guitar, that throughout the song inject a real emotional flavour into it. The chords are light and the melody hopeful, paving the way for Bee Brogans clear voice. Apart from the guitar the production of the vocals is a essential element. Even though clear and bright, they accentuate the delicacy of the lyrics and add melancholy to the bands guitar driven pop-rock. “This Girl” is romantic and the melancholic touch is definitely running throughout the entire production. The guitar is something that might stay in your head for a while. 

At some point the song makes you think of Badly Drawn Boy and at others, of the 65’s Beatles’ songs. But I don’t want to compare them too much with other bands, because the song has a remarkably well built formations and a very proper sound DNA.
Still...I have to admit that in spite of being produced beautifully, I can’t say to have been totally conquered.
“This Girl” is a too perfect blend of pop and rock that was and is airing today to actually stand out for itself, which is a pity since it pulls all the right strings! From the beginning till the end you engage with the song for all the right reasons, and while you desperately try to grab it, this special it factor is not fully there. 
Still Fitzsimon and Brogan appears to be an interesting discovery! “This Girl” is not a game changer, but it’s a really pleasant listening. 
I will definitely keep them on my radar. 

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