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         Rasky Sadagr Reviews

     GLU from BIG ASS FISH

This week I have a strong debut single/video from Melbourne horror core artist GLU. 
Since he always pushed the boundaries with the music it was a no brainer that his new songs should be just as experimental. He wanted to keep it simple and fun using “simple ass beat with the most ludicrous bullshit bars you can think of “ GLU states. This energetic super-sonic fire starter of a song is a banging album opener. Visually a hell of a ride ( I am talking literally here ) and musically. 

Written and produced by GLU and co-production by Voidhood, is the sonic embodiment of a runaway house party. It's chaotic, energetic, and at times jarring, but it's hyped and absolutely can not be missed.

With minimalist production, GLU`s vocals set the track's tone and pace, with the backing taking a back seat to his experimental flow patterns and harsh delivery. Sonically similar to Ghostmane and Death Grips, the track and accompanying video are dark and riotous yet encapsulating.
The bars are pure wordplay. fast, witty and determined not to make it serious under no circumstances! This boy has some bad ass sass and some serious spitting skills! He’s charismatic personality will suck you right into the party and the night.

Following The Party's release, GLU has a string of singles and music videos planned for 2021, that will set the scene for his debut album ULTRAGLU, which will to be released in June. Do yourself a favour and check him out. 

discovered via Musosoup


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