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               Greg Smith

"One and twenty mornings, sleeping on the road
Two and twenty evenings, ‘til I see my home 

Soft approaching sunrise, spreads across the day
Continental highway, endlessly replayed" 

by Greg Smith

Greg Smith is a singer/songwriter/composer and even a professor in AU’s School of Communication based in Savannah, Georgia. He worked at Lucasfilm, NPR and CBS News, and owns a film and music production company "Pros from Dover Productions".
Ouch, know thats what I call a resume!

Quote on Quote  

"Everyone has a story to tell and Greg's been lucky enough to cross paths with lots of interesting people, a few desperadoes, some small town big shots and big town small shots, as well as folks who are trying their best to make everyday something special"

So lets talk music now!Shall we?

Greg Smith's “Waiting for the Truth” single from the album with the same title "Waiting for the Truth" is a folk-Americana song.
What can I say? Very poetical, very chill. With a nice vocals on it.Puts you in the good mood. I really enjoyed it. Plus, you can smell the proffesionalism on this one from 10 mile's away. Its a song about
life on the road since I forgot to tell you - Greg written and recorded nine albums of his own music in his lifetime. All done by him. We talking about experience here.
Years of experience and education. Acoustic guitar, harmonica, piano on the intro. Classical formula, but never gets old. I really like the poetical lyrics in the song too. Greg wrote some nice story telling here about the experience being on the road for so long and waiting for that special someone:

"You’re staring at the moon tonight, I can see it too
Meet you in my dreams tonight, where we can rendezvous 

Stars upon the water, glimmer in the light
Let me hold your heart my love, and hold you thru the night?"

Or even going to this philosophical direction:

"Patience never makes a sound
Given our pursuit
Spend our days rehearsing
While waiting for the truth" 

Conclusion? Self explanatory. Its hard to be a musician sometimes, but it is totally worth it. With all the trials and tribulations included, still its one hell of a ride. Kudos for you being an artist, sir!

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