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            Mark Ambuter

Born and bred in Huntington beach, California alternative rocker and songwriter Mark Ambuter teaches us that it is never

too late to "just do it". Since in this day and age the competition in music industry is simply put "crazy" and sometimes

even unfair. Coming from a musical family that was talented but for some reason did not succeed in a way as hoped, Ambuter states that at some point he felt it was his turn and that he wanted to prove his father wrong that the family wasn’t cursed at music.

But I’m not about this here, I’m about gratitude, desire and experience that comes with it.

I am almost sure that each one of us at some point in our lives has looked at oneself and wondered how in the heck we got "here". So let’s start from "here", shall we?

I miss good old rock, I really do, because I love it so dearly and writing this review made me reminisce of Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins and that good old Golden era of Rock N Roll, when the hooks were solid, riffs were fat and heavy, and songwriters actually cared to tell a meaningful story.

Mark Ambuter's song”37” is a perfect blend of progressive rock / alternative rock and as such a smash hit by itself. Why's that you ask me? Well, the production is crisp and the sound design is more than just right. It is original and on point. It is done good. Crafted with love and time. The guitar riffs gave me mad goosebumps. It starts as a "balladi-sh" kind of a song and then BOOM! - hits you like a MAC truck from Nevada. From the beginning till the end you engage with the song for all the right reasons: the sound is hard and heavy as is the artists voice- a rough force with an undeniable depth of feeling and the two work oh, so well together. A few artist have the gift to own and by that I mean OWN their voice as a dramatic instrument, but in my opinion AMBUTER succedes in it.

Now that’s what I call Rock and Roll, baby.

The song was produced by the Stuart Epps, the legendary British record producer and audio engineer who worked with big artists like Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Oasis, and even Twisted Sister. Ambuter often mentioned the fruitful collaboration with Epps, who would understand instinctively what the artist envisioned. So you know whats up.

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