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           Pavit Sanghera

Let me introduce you to Pavit Sanghera, a 21 year old singer/songwriter based in Birmingham. Her new track ‘Fake Love’ -produced by Temi who also produced her previous track ‘Better Decisions’- will launch on February the 14th and here is why you should make sure you don’t miss it! 

Her voice takes you by surprise the moment you hear it for the first time, since it is so present and clear and tells the story you want to listen to: that of warm summer days and of love, both sensual and warm. As the downtempo track starts unfolding, Sanghera sings with a strong, beautifully clear voice about the lightness of being in love but also how not all romantic connections have to necessarily end in love. Her voice takes you by surprise the moment you hear it for the first time since it is so present and clear. So you slow down for a second just to listen to it a little longer- that song of warm summer days, of love, both sensual and warm. 

Trained in Indian classical music, Pavit puts her own twist into the song with her smooth adlibs and Punjabi singing in the track. This happens so subtile, soft and harmonious, that it does not meddle with the overall perception of the song but creates something new. Naming solemly RnB/Soul and Indian Fusion, as her genres, would not do her wide musical spectrum much justice, nor her ability to channel the impressions she gathered over the past years living both in Spain and India. All of these impressions flow into her work. All of this results in a very well rounded and rich implementation of her musical ideas. 
Please keep your eyes - and ears - open for this artist, I really hope, to hear more from her.

discovered via Musosoup


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