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      Rasky Sadagr Reviews

           Pistol For Ringo

Just after their first short, but well received college radio debut run of their album “Solid State Neo-Hendonist” in 2003, PISTOL FOR RINGO recorded three more albums and are currently promoting their 5th studio EP KINGS OF BAD BEHAVIOUR that was launched on May 17, 2019.

The original LA based, five man band  PISTOL FOR RINGO, got their name from the title of a classic 60s Spaghetti Western film starring. The band originally consisted of the guitar player Steve Arm, Brian Murphy, the ringleader, guitarist and songwriter from Honolulu; and Shane Smith on bass, but grew when the Philadelphia singer, songwriter and guitar player Ben Arnold and drummer Matty Muir (also from Philadelphia) came on board in the 2003s to complete the current line up.


GEMINI, is one of the five songs on the previously mentioned EP KINGS OF BAD BEHAVIOUR, Pistol’s fifth studio effort to date.

The song’s sound is raw, guitar-heavy and rocking, telling a story of a troubled love-relationship ending. The title GEMINI, that is referring to the zodiac air sign, implies that the lovers contradictorily and erratic behaviour made it hard to keep the relationship going.

“I couldn’t love you both” Ben Arnold, sings with his rusty voice as he paints a picture of a love that was too unbearable to be kept alive.

In the best indie - rock tradition GEMINI is build on good, witty lyrics that allow a multilayered interpretation of the song, husky vocals, guitar riffs and pounding drums. I personally loved the refrain and that guitar and drums buildup around 1:33 into the song, that make someone’s heart who grew up listening to the grunge / rock-punk bands of the early 90s, jump with joy.

And another little look on the video clip that comes with the song: It is a one take shot with a steady camera that captures a bedroom with Arnold and a blond woman in it. While the singer never breaks the eye-contact with the camera, the woman is not aware of it. She is screaming at him, pacing in the room, pulling pictures off the walls and packing her things. This classic theatrical element of the forth wall has been done many times before, but it still goes well with the song. I liked it a lot!


Pistol for Ringo’s live shows are reportedly as unpredictable as their music. The band has played “most everywhere” on the West Coast from the 213 area code to San Francisco and Vegas. Just one of many reasons they have endeared themselves to indie rock fans as well as garnered musical contributions and support from the likes of Dave Catching, Rob Barbato and Greg Hetson.

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