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              Ponch Satrio

Unlike most of other aspiring musicians who list their inspirations, PONCH SATRIO does not name Hendrix or other guitar legends as idols that made an impression on him. His answer to that question is refreshingly different: According to Satrio he started playing the guitar because the flamboyant performance of no other than Marty McFly from the 80´s movie “Back To The Future” impressed him, as did the passion and the fun of a piece well preformed.

SATRIOS first big break came, was when ex GNR guitarslinger Ron Thal asked him to join him on his Asian tour. Soon after that Jeff Wood asked the young guitarist to do some session work for the hit single “Long Away From OK”. SATRIOS continued working with Derek Sherinian (Planet X and Dream Theater) Philip Bynoue (Steve Vie) and many other guitar virtuosos.

PONCH SATRIOS song “STARTS AGAIN” stays in the tradition of a good blend of progressive and alternative rock. The guitar riffs are hard, paving the rhythm like a salvo fire. In my opinion the song combines thick Trash with just enough melody and good rock to make it spicy and really good. It's mesmerising riffs blast you away like the hellfire breaking loose: It is good, it is loud and rhythmical. I could almost see his fingers flying up and down the strings! The artist voice is like a force and maybe (just maybe!) the comparison is too obvious or even a little bit too easy to draw, but there IS something that made me remotely think of early Metallica. And let me be perfectly clear- REMOTELY- since the song is SATROS and his alone. He took all that good stuff and created something new. I like it!

What really impressed me beyond SATRIOS preformance on "Starts Again" is his internet presence. Every time I sit down to write a review, I listen to as much music of the artist as I can possible find on the internet and the usual social media forums. PONCH SATRIOS skills on the strings are just jaw dropping. You see a young artist, that is completely absorbed into the music he is making, with this instrument that seems to be an extension of his body. SATRIOS is a musician with brilliant skills, who has the talent, skills and simply owns the technique. He does not does not just reenact or copy stiles but takes that good stuff to another- his- level. Because he can. I really hope to hear more of him.

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