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      Rasky Sadagr Reviews

            Quarter Water

SPOTLIGHTS is the third single on the EP MORE FLAVOR that was released on Nov 6th 2020, a fusion project by QUARTER WATER.

By merging funk, soul, hip-hop and jazz together, the band created an incredibly positive and energising sound that gets into your bones!

While the piano and sax provide the perfect amount of jazz without weighing to heavy on the musical fusion and the hip-hop builds the lyrical narrative, the funky rhythm rounds up this light and seemingly effortless musical piece.


I’ve always had a sweet spot for projects where artists dare to explore to create and push the boundaries of one genre and melt certain elements of different ones together until something new emerges. Bands like GORILLAZ popped in my mind when I listende to the song for the first time, even if the comparison is based on the bands approach to music making, rather than the final interpretation.


With SPOTLIGHTS, QUARTER WATER virtuously created a sound that draws from different influences, which is in the end really summed up in the EP’s title. Enjoy!

discovered via Musosoup


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