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      Rasky Sadagr Reviews

       Ray William Roldan

RAY WILLIAM ROLDAN was born and raised in New Jersey and on the West Coast. 
Growing up listening to Elvis, Johnny Cash, Rick Nelson, Merl Haggart, George Jones and more, Ray picked up the guitar and harmonica in his late teens. He writes and sings about what he knows and he has lived in the classic Country and Blues/Rock style. 
Like all great things, country music gets better with age. Because what makes a country song a good one is actually a very simple thing: truth. Country songs are truthful stories, lived and told and sung….

This is what makes people revere the old greats of country, and why someone like RW Roland hits the nerv with his music and especially this song.

“The Color Of”  is linear and very traditional in many ways. If the most important element to a country song is telling a story and conveying an emotion, then “The Colour Of” most certainly qualifies. The song is a classical singer/songwriter one, with slightly distorted guitar solo that lets the message swell to the forefront. It has all the country and roots texturing  needed to draw fans of Country and Blues in. 

As I pointed out in my previous reviews I like to comment on a song and the video separately, since sometimes the clip and the music work well together and sometimes they do not. But in this case you have a professionally done video, with both historic and recently taken photographs that does not distract the narrative with flashy effects and let the lyrics sink in. Very smooth and visually fitting!
The song is addressing the current political and social situation in the USA and makes a strong statement on race issues. While so many modern recordings attempt to add a vintage warmth to their projects that only results in muddying the input channels, “The Color Of” has that sepia hue in the sound, imbibing it with the inviting tone of memory. 
This is old school Country that does not necessarily define the genre anew. Instead it sends a heartfelt message from the very heart of America.

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