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      Rasky Sadagr Reviews

          Rev Peter Unger

"Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God"

-Leo Buscaglia-

This is my very first time then I review an artist, that is a christian reverend too. "A reverend ?" you ask me. Yes a reverend! How cool is that? I actually feeling quite blessed and honoured right now. Listening to this particular song actually pulled some strings in me and without any ado I’d like to start my music review with a  shiny spoken "Hallelujah”.

Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Rev. Peter Unger originally hails from Vermont, New England but is now living in Pennsylvania, working as a pastor and a college music instructor. Coming from a music loving family Rev. Peter was introduced to music from a young age. The musical surrounding made him decide to play a guitar and later go on writing songs himself. He even was a finalist in the USA International Song Writing Competition, making him bonafide song writer. 

THERE’S A SPIRIT is a spiritual content song. Saintly and clean. Love it or hate it. It’s not for everyone. As I already mentioned, the gospel moved me deeply. It has a purines of it, that moved me. Not just because of the religious content.

It is a song written in the believe that there is Goodness in life and a higher power that in some form or the other guides us. I respect that and the purity of that thought.

From a genre standpoint of view its a combination of genres. A little bit of this, a little bit of that and you got yourself a christian Folk with a hint of Country vibe. Vocals are full of compassion, light and passionate, with a children’s choir as background voices. The structure is a clear one, driven by the guitar.

You know what I miss the most nowadays in music? Optimism, good energy, deeper purpose, meaning.

As Rev.Unger said himself "Don’t let commercial success become your sole motivation as a musician. Try to find your own voice, and passion musically”.

There is a quote from the song that stuck in my mind: ”There spirit moving all around, through all that lives and grows”. I genuinely believe in that.

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