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      Rasky Sadagr Reviews

        Rhyme x Ninocence

I cannot stress enough how multi layered this music video is, that was created in collaboration with the Russian multi media artist NINOCENCE.

It is the carefully constructed visuals implementation and symbolism, that bears the whole idea of female made erotica and its perception.

The idea was to create a reflection on porn and music industry likewise, since the two seem to be quite inseparable components in the music promotion.

“So much music these days” RHYME states “is branded around these easy open legs and barely nothing on girl, who is sexed up so hard the music is sometimes forgotten and quality deteriorated.”

After you are starting seeing beyond the in-your-face sexuality, you start to notice a sublime sense of discomfort when realising the breakdown and manipulation of the life like avatars of us. That same manipulation that is offered to us in the media and is presented as reality, creates a false sense of what we perceive as the truth. Distinguishing between what is real and what not, becomes but a blurred notion. It is until the very end that you understand that the women in the video are just puppets tossed and turned around as the invisible puppeteer demands.


There are other fine details worth mentioning, as the almost extraterrestrial body armour by the designer Nusi Quero that seems to resemble body fluids sprayed over the women for example….but I’d just suggest to check it out, since it is an very witty, intelligent and highly well rounded music video collab.

discovered via Musosoup


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