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      Rasky Sadagr Reviews

               Terry Blade

The first thing that struck me while listening to Terry Blade´s THE SILENT TREATMENT is his incredible voice: I won’t lie - Blade´s baritone wraps around you like a warm blanket while the track effortlessly merges into a jazzy soul- RnB vibe. The combination of these genres is not necessarily something new BUT! the atmosphere Blade skilfully creates is incredibly refreshing and beautifully authentic in its performance itself.

Once this downtempo track starts unfolding the listener instinctively slows down- every word is carefully listened to, every tune sung is an invitation to really slow down and indulge to the story told.


THE SILENT TREATMENT feels a like a very private late night reflection on a relationship that is oddly seductive at the same time.

Listening to other songs written and preformed by Blade, it becomes clear that unlike most artists he often uses his voice not solely for singing, but in a rather experimental way, shaping them like instruments. Which means that his RnB baritone blends together with indie and folk influences in an astonishingly homogenous manner when used in this fashion.


THE SILENT TREATMENT with its skilful chill/lofi vibe is, at the same time, an invitation to explore more of the artists works. I really hope to hear more from this artist.

discovered via Musosoup


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