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The question for today is “What you could make if you would combine a sprinkle of Reggaeton with a big piece of UK hip hop & cherry on top Latin house for that extra flavour?"  The long answer is - "Lipitor, lipitor, lipitor....Blood Pressure is so high I will hit the floor" Shortly put - a freaking club banger!

So lets get to it, shall we?? TRANNIEBOI is a musician, an activist & a poet that originally hails from United Kingdom, London.

"I am profoundly inspired by trans musicians in the Hyperpop scene too. I love Noughties' pop and British hip-hop..." he said.

The song "Lipitor" itself is a mix of good old everything. It is like an indie kid's love letter to hip-hop and house music.

Heavy by sound, making it a complete club banger and leaving you with that "groovy" feeling the song has quite personal experiences written by TRANNIEBOI.

From psychotic experiences, till transphobic violence "Lipitor" manages to sound comical and full with irony -almost satirical to the point - and at the same time hopeful and empowering.

It sounds fresh, original and like nothing I ever heard before from this spectrum of experimental music.

Conclusion? I want more projects like that to come out in the near future, because it is pioneering the way for other talented Trans artists in UK to wave the flag high in the air with pride.

Not forgetting who you are. And you are awesome. Godspeed.

discovered via Musosoup


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